the underlying architecture of fourteen


Fourteen is an experiment in self-education; a crash-course in product, design, development, collaboration, and engineering. By working on fourteen projects in just fourteen months we're developing, what we hope will be, an experience-driven framework that can be applied to any technology venture. Additionally, we believe transparency is important to Fourteen's success and are committed to sharing our processes, our successes, and our failures on this journey.


We work using a very simple set of guidelines:


Every project has to align with our overall vision for Fourteen. Our projects don't exist in a vacuum and we want to ensure that each informs subsquent projects - helping to further along process, prowess, and purpose.


A proper delineation of responsibilities is critical to the success of each project, as is communication of those responsibilities. Additionally, it's important to identify when to use outside resources - e.g. advisors.


Our goals will always be outlined prior to undertaking any project and we'll always be transparent about our success metrics. Each project will conclude with a structured retrospective laying out our successes, intended and not, and our failures.

Personal Development

Each project should advance our individual personal development. They should make us better programmers, designers, product managers, marketers, communicators, and, ultimately, problem-solvers.